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Kampa Featured in Husbil & Husvagn

Submitted on Mon, 04/08/2014 - 12:06pm

Whenever we talk about our awnings with members of the public at shows such as the NEC or at one of our dealers, we often talk about how there is a massive demand for Kampa awnings in Skandinavia that has grown rapidly over the years, most predomiantly with our motorhome awnings which saw a massive increase in popularity for 2014.

We were fortunate enough for our Kampa AIR awnings to be featured in Husbil & Husvagn, a Swedish Caravan & Motorhome magazine and they gave it a great review.

You can find the article here;

For those of us who are not hyper-lingual an English translation can be found below.


Inflatable Awnings

Are you tired of poles that do not fit together when you arrive at the campsite and toil with the awning? A Norwegian company is now launching an inflatable awning.

Englishman Mark Lawless started KAMPA co.Ltd in 2007 , and has since become known in England thanks to its lightweight awning for motorhomes and caravans. Now begins the Norwegian company Tormod Holand sell Kampa's products in the Nordic region via the first dealers accessories shop Stromstad, PR Motorhomes in Sollebrunn and Caravan & Leisure in Kalmar. The price for Rally Air 390 is reported to 9 900. The new series of inflatable awning, there are several models but in common is that they do not have any bars that support. You can blow up the tent using either an included hand pump or an electric pump as an option and the manufacturer claims that it only takes a minute to inflate the tent. The pump is connected to a common valve that distributes air to all channels.

The traditional tent poles are replaced by strong, airtight inflatable air ducts / hoses that are permanently fixed to the awning. The sharp "air frame" chassis of inflated channels provide a strong design which the manufacturer well matches the solution with steel rods. The manufacturer states the weight to 18.5 kg for Rally Air 390 and claim it is a weight saving of up to 27 percent compared to awnings with poles. Kampa Rally Air is available in widths of 260 cm and 390 cm, both with the depth of 250 cm. Kampa Rally Air is designed to suit all caravans / motorhomes with awning height between 235 and 250 cm but there is also a model of 290 cm. The question that probably many ask themselves is how durable the construction is. Kampa The manufacturer claims that the design is "unbelievably strong" and that under normal use should not create problems. All ducts are made ​​of a TPU air hose sewn into a casing of PE material. This is sewed in a polyester-channel sewn on the tent. Thereby, the manufacturer claims that air hoses are very well protected. The ideal air pressure must be between 8-12 lb and hoses are tested with 22 lb pressure corresponding to the tire pressure in a car. Pressure at 22 lb is not possible to come up with the included air pump or electric pump is offered as optional equipment. Would still one of the air hoses have a leak so it can easily be disconnected from the other tubes with valves at each hose so that a punctured tube is not doing awning unusable. Then you can repair or replace the punctured air hose.

Peter Kjörling

How To: Replace a Tube in a Kampa AIR Tent

Submitted on Wed, 30/07/2014 - 1:17pm

As part of an ongoing mission at Kampa to create more helpful videos for our customers, we would like to announce the launch of our new "How To" videos.

Our first video to launch this series is a step-by-step guide on how to replace a tube in the 2013-2014 Kampa AIR tents. We plan to add to this new series on a continuous basis.