G4 SMD - 24 LED Bulbs

Pack of 2 replacement caravan and motorhome lights. 

G4 Fitting
This G4 LED bulb is ideal for replacing halogen bulbs in a caravan, motorhome, cabin or boat / interior lights. 

100 Lumens
Brightness: 100 Lm

1.5W Power Consumption
Low power consumption and heat output.

360° Angle
Super wide flood beam light angle of 360°.

6500k Cool White Light
This LED lightbulb produces a cool white light that will bright up any room without much yellow or blue tint.

Equal to 15W Halogen
Power equivalent to 15W halogen.

Non-Dimmable LED lightbulb. One constant brightness, colour and power output.

Voltage: 12V

  • Low power consumption and heat output 
  • Angle: 360°
  • Colour: 6500k
  • Voltage: 12V 
Model Code Power Consumption Brightness
G4 SMD - 24 LED Bulbs LG2010 1.5W 100 Lm