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Awning Type

Our range of drive-away awnings offer the ultimate in touring convenience. All are quick to set-up and can be left on site to reserve your pitch whilst your explore the local area in your your vehicle.

New for 2018 is the Motor Rally AIR Drive-Away with all the features and benefits of our best-selling Rally awning; now you can drive away and leave it on site.

For those who want an awning designed for fixed use, our best-selling Motor Rally AIR Pro and Motor Ace AIR Pro awnings provide fantastic accommodation and are easy to set-up and take down. All our fixed awnings use inflatable poles.

They all come complete with twin beading, 4mm and 6mm, that can either be fed through the awning rail to your vehicle or threaded through the channel in the front of roll-out awnings.

Awning Material

Class leading high specification Pro materials.

Pro AirFlow, the breathable comfort of polycotton available on our Classic tents.

Suitable for seasonal pitching.

Tested in the sunniest parts of Australia and the wettest places in Europe to make sure it's able to cope with extended exposure to the elements. The material is breathable and extremely durable.

Superb protection and also breathable. 

Our latest Expert materials are used on the new Classic models. The roof and walls are breathable, ensuring a comfortable climate inside the awning with less risk of condensation. The wall have a great textured feel and are extremely waterproof and durable. 

Market leading fabric.

Our iconic fabric, that we use extensively throughout the range, has proved itself time and time again. We've made improvements to the UV protection and the coatings to make sure that Weathershield™ Pro continues to be market leading.

Durable and extremely weather resistant.

This material's been protecting caravanners since 2008. We've improved the coatings to make it even better. 

Class leading high specification HD material.

HD 6000, a premium, lightweight material with an incredible 6000mm hydrostatic head.

Rail Height

Rail height is the distance between the ground and your point of connection.

Kampa awnings are designed to be universal fitting and as such they will fit some vehicles better than others.

Rail Length

Most awning models are available in various sizes. When choosing the width of an awning, you may need to consider the following:

  • Door position
  • Window(s) position
  • Locker(s) position
  • Vent position
  • Other parts that may protrude, e.g. lights

Kampa awnings can cross windows, lockers and vents without issue, however accessibility to these parts may be limited.