Kampa AIR Awnings

The future in your hands
After years of development and having sold tens of thousands across Europe, Kampa AIR awnings have revolutionised caravanning. Gone are the traditional metal or fibreglass poles, replaced by strong, high pressure inflatable AirFrame poles. No more struggling with the awning frame and trying to find the correct pole, the AirFrame is already attached to the awning for simple, one step set up.


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So how does it work?
It’s simple - traditional poles have been replaced with an inflatable AirFrame that is always attached to the awning. The individual poles are linked together so that you can pump at just one single point and inflate the entire awning. The rigid AirFrame creates an exceptionally strong awning, probably stronger than a steel frame. It can be inflated using the supplied high volume manual pump or, for the ultimate in ease, with the optional Gale electric pump. A Rally AIR 260 can be pumped up in less than 60 seconds using the manual pump.

What’s the set-up procedure?

It’s never been easier, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Thread the awning onto the awning rail of your caravan. Kampa Air awnings are lightweight making it much easier than a conventional awning and all Kampa AIR awnings have zip out panels that can be removed to reduce the weight still further.
  2. Peg down the four corners of the awning.
  3. Attach the pump to the inflation point and pump until inflated
  4. Peg down the intermediate pegging points and guy lines.
    That’s it, the easiest awning to set-up ever!


Other Advantages

  • As well as being the easiest awnings to set up, they're also the easiest to take down.
  • Kampa AIR awnings are lighter than awnings with conventional poles.
  • A Rally AIR 390 is up to 27% lighter than an equivalent awning which reduces your payload.
  • With no metal or fibreglass poles there’s nothing to damage your caravan. Soft AirPoles rest against your caravan with no other attachment.
  • The AirFrame is always attached – you’re never going to forget or lose your poles.
  • Whilst the AirFrame is very rigid it does flex in the wind, meaning that you’ll never break or bend a pole.
  • The AIR awnings are made with class leading materials and are produced by skilled craftsmen.


What happens if the AirFrame is damaged?

The AirFrame is incredibly durable and under normal conditions will not fail. Each AirPole is made of a strong TPU inflation tube that is zipped into a tough reinforced PE cover. This is then zipped into a heavy duty polyester sleeve in the awning. The inflation tubes are well protected and need no maintenance. Ideal operating pressure is 9 psi and the poles are tested to 22 psi, a pressure that is not possible to reach using either the supplied pump or the optional Gale electric pump. This is substantially higher than other inflatable awnings and ensures that Kampa AIR awnings are the strongest and most stable available. They are not affected by extremes of temperature - they have been tested in arctic and tropical climates and are available in Iceland and Australia. Should one of the AirPoles be damaged, each AirPole can be isolated from neighbouring poles using the isolation valves. A repair to the AirPole or replacement can then be made in a matter of minutes. Damage to a single AirPole may not make the awning unusable.


Why buy a Kampa AIR awning?
Since we launched our first AIR awnings in 2013, tens of thousands of caravanners have joined the Kampa revolution and no longer fear setting up their awning. It’s not surprising that other brands want to imitate our success. We’ve seen an influx of “inflatable” product enter the market, often copying our designs. So, what do these new contenders bring to inflatable awning design? The answer is nothing. How have they improved on design and function? The answer is they haven’t.
The foremost reason for buying an inflatable awning is easy set up. No awning is quicker or easier than a Kampa AIR. All Kampa AIR awnings inflate from just one external inflation point. That’s one inflation point from where the whole awning is inflated including all supporting AirPoles – there are no additional poles to inflate and insert – the whole awning inflates through the one valve. On other brands each of the poles are separate and need to be pumped up individually. Can you imagine having to inflate up to ten individual poles? Frankly it’s quicker and easier to set up one of our conventional poled awnings.
Kampa AIR awnings have quick release deflation valves - there’s no need to unscrew the inflation valve and this deflates the whole awning. How long will it take to undo and deflate ten individual poles?

Before purchasing an inflatable awning insist on a full demonstration – from deflated to fully inflated making sure that all poles are pumped up. Then ask for it to be fully deflated!


There are many other reasons to purchase a Kampa AIR awning:

  • Kampa are the pioneers and world leaders in inflatable awning technology. We’re the market leaders and have extensive knowledge and experience.
  • The people behind Kampa awnings have over forty years of continuous expertise in awnings and awning design.
  • Kampa AIR awnings have been fully tested. This ensures good design with adequate run-off whilst at the same time ensuring internal clearance for the caravan door. All of our designs spend hours in a rain room ensuring that a Kampa AIR awning will not let you down.
  • Kampa has the widest range available. For 2018 we have twenty-five different caravan AIR awnings available to suit your requirements and budget.
  • Kampa AIR awnings can be customised with a range of optional equipment including different types of carpet, roof linings and our fantastic SabreLink lighting system.