SabreLink™ Flex 45

An exciting new accessory for your tent, the SabreLink™ Flex lighting system ensures you're never in the dark. The system allows you to link up to three lights together. Each system is controlled by a remote control that allows you to switch the lights on and off and also dim and brighten them.

The flexible lights simply velcro onto the AirPoles on our AIR tents. Also suitable for other tents using supplied fittings.

Spannendes neues Zubehör für Ihr Zelt.

Mit dem Sabrelink™ Flex Beleuchtungssystem sitzen Sie niemals im Dunkeln. Mit diesem System können Sie bis zu drei Leuchten miteinander verbinden. Jedes System wird mit einer Fernbedienung gesteuert, mit welcher Sie die Lichter ein- und ausschalten können und die Lichter dimmen und heller stellen. 

Die flexiblen Lampen können einfach mit Klettverschlüssen an Ihrem Pro-Zelt angebracht werden. Ist dank dem mitgelieferten Befestigungsmaterial auch für andere Zelte geeignet.

150cm Wide Light
The length of the pole included in this product is 150cm.

45 LED's
This SabreLink product is our medium sized SabreLink pole that shines brightly with 45 LED bulbs, helping illuminate any setting.

675 Lumens
Each of these SabreLink strips produces an impressive 675 lumens! Then if that's not quite enough, you can combine with a maximum of two extra strips using the add-on kits, you can turn this into 2025 lumens! 

3 Lights Max.
A Maximum of 3 light strips can be attached together using the add-on kits.

1.5m Velcro Strip
A 1.5m length velcro strip that makes your SabreLink setup easier than ever with all compatible Kampa tents and awnings.

Radio Frequency
The remote control included with this product uses a Radio Frequency (RF) remote to control the settings. Unlike the common infrared (IR) remotes, RF remotes do not have to be aimed at the equipment.

Adjustable Brightness
Control the brightness of the LED's using the LED Dimmer control included.

240v 3m
A 3 metre 240v adapter comes included with this product.

12v 6m
A 6 metre 12v adapter comes included with this SabreLink product.

Warm White (2900 - 3200k)
The light colour produced by this product is a 'Warm White' which falls into the white balance scale at between 2900k and 3200k.

  • Avaliable as starter and add-on kits
  • Up to three lights can link together
  • Operated using a remote control
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • Velcro fixings on all Kampa AIR tents and Travel Pod AIR awnings from 2017 for easy fitting
  • 45 super bright LED bulbs – never need replacing
  • Complete with mains adaptor in starter kit (UK and EURO plug versions available)
  • Suitable for other tents using the supplied fittings
Model Code LED Strip Length
SabreLink™ Flex 45 Starter Kit (UK plug) LG1051 150cm
SabreLink™ Flex 45 Starter Kit (EURO plug) LG1051E 150cm
SabreLink™ Flex 45 Add-On Kit LG1052 150cm