SabreLink™ 30

An exciting new accessory for your tent, the SabreLink™ lighting system ensures you're never in the dark. The system allows you to link up to three lights together.

Each system is controlled using a remote control that allows you to switch the lights on and off and also dim and brighten them. The lights can be hung using the carabiner and velcro fitting options provided.

Un nouvel accessoire excellent pour votre auvent.

Le système d’éclairage SabreLink™ assure que vous n’êtes jamais dans le noir. Le système vous permet d’aligner trois lumières ensemble ; c’est-à-dire 450 LED. Tous nos auvents AirFrame sont adaptés au système SabreLink™ et peuvent accepter des éclairages sur les tubes AirPoles avant, ainsi que sur les tubes centraux. Par exemple, un Ace AIR Pro 400 pourrait avoir trois éclairages sur l’avant et trois autres au centre.

Chaque système est contrôlé à l’aide d’une télécommande qui vous permet d’éteindre et d’allumer les éclairages, ainsi que de les estomper ou de les raviver. Dans nos auvents à tubes, les éclairages peuvent être suspendus des tubes horizontaux à l’aide des crochets en « S » fournis.

30 LED's
This SabreLink product shines brightly with 30 LED bulbs that will help illuminate any setting.

48cm Wide
This product is 48cm wide.

500 Lumens
Each of these SabreLink poles produces an impressive 500 lumens! Then if that's not quite enough, you can combine with a maximum of two extra poles using the add-on kits, you can turn this into 1500 lumens! 

3 Lights Max.
A Maximum of 3 light poles can be attached together using the add-on kits.

5m 12v 240v
A 5 metre 12v/240v adapter comes included with this SabreLink product.

Remote Control
Adjust settings or turn on/off at the touch of a button using the remote control included with this product.

SabreLink Fixings
This product can be attached to your awning using the included S Hooks or clip-on attachments.

  • Avaliable as starter and add-on kits
  • Up to three lights can link together
  • Operated using a remote control
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • Suitable for tents and awnings
  • 30 super bright LED bulbs - never need replacing
  • 5 metre cable (starter kit)
  • 3 metre cable (add-on)
  • Complete with mains and 12V adaptor in starter kit (UK and EURO plug versions available)
  • Carabiner clips and velcro included
Model Code Length
SabreLink™ 30 Starter Kit (UK plug) LG1033 48cm
SabreLink™ 30 Starter Kit (EURO plug) LG1033E 48cm
SabreLink™ 30 Add-On Kit LG1035 48cm