2.5L Super Hydrophobic Waterproofer

Protects your tent or awning from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Waterproof Products
Part of the waterproofing product range. 

Suitable for Awnings
Suitable for protecting awnings.

Suitable for Tents
Suitable for protecting tents. 

Suitable for Clothing
Suitable for protecting clothing.

Suitable for Foot Wear
Suitable for protecting foot wear such as boots, shoes and trainers! 

  • High performance protection from nano technology
  • Fibres become water and dirt resistant
  • Helps fabrics stay like new for longer
  • Repels water without affecting feel or breathability
  • Effective on all fabrics
  • Restores durable water repellent finish
  • UV Protection - extends life
  • Lasts longer between applications
  • Available in multiple sizes
Model Code
2.5L CA9280
5L CA9282