Mesh Panel Set

Ideal for warm weather to keep insects out and provide shade but still allow air to flow through and keep you cool. Each panel simply zips into the front of your awning.

The zip-in panels fit behind the front panels* and can remain in place. Available as complete sets (up to three panels).

*Excluding Classic AIR mesh panels

  • Zip-in panels fit behind the front panels and can remain in place
  • Complete as a set (up to three panels)
Model Code
Ace/Frontier AIR Pro 300 Mesh Panel Set CE7407
Ace/Frontier AIR Pro 400 Mesh Panel Set CE7408
Ace AIR Pro 500 Mesh Panel Set CE7409
Classic AIR Expert 300 Mesh Panel Set CE7395
Classic AIR Expert 380 Mesh Panel Set CE7396
Rally/Grande AIR 200 Mesh Panel Set CE7391
Rally/Grande AIR 260 Mesh Panel Set CE7392
Rally/Grande AIR 330 Mesh Panel Set CE7393
Rally/Grande AIR 390 Mesh Panel Set CE7394