Motor Ace AIR Pro 400

The ultimate inflatable awning. No other inflatable awning offers such style whilst still being completely functional - you’re certain to be the envy of the caravan park. Everything we know about awning design is incorporated within this model, that’s thirty nine years of continual awning design.

Model Code Width Depth Pack Size cm Weight Min. Weight
Motor Ace AIR 400 S CE7153 400 cm 300 cm 95 x 37 x37 24 kg 14.4 kg
Motor Ace AIR 400 L CE7154 400 cm 300 cm 95 x 38 x 38 25.5 kg 15.9 kg
Motor Ace AIR 400 XL CE7156 400 cm 300 cm 95 x 39 x 39 27 kg 17.4 kg
Motor Ace AIR 400 XXL CE7158 400 cm 300 cm 95 x 40 x 40 28.5 kg 18.9 kg
Motor Ace AIR 400 XXXL CE7160 400 cm 300 cm 95 x 41 x 41 30 kg 20.4 kg
Pro Tall Annexe CE7379 180 cm 200 cm 69 x 23 x 23 9.0 kg -
Pro Conservatory CE7380 180 cm 200 cm 69 x 19 x 19 9.0 kg -
Pro Standard Annexe CE7311 180 cm 220 cm 65 x 18 x 18 7.0 kg -
Sun Wing CE7026 - 250 cm - - -
Available Colours:


The shaped front panels not only look good but provide extra interior space with a depth of 300cm. Moving inside the view out is spectacular, with large panoramic windows and skylights providing plenty of light during the day and a view of the stars at night.

The Motor Ace AIR Pro uses our fantastic Weathershield™ Pro fabric, our favourite fabric that we use extensively throughout our range of awnings as it has proved itself time and time again due to its excellent weatherproofing and long life whilst remaining light enough for easy set up and handling. For 2017 we've made improvements to the UV protection and the coatings to make sure that Weathershield™ Pro continues to be market leading.

The windows all have curtains on easy-run track. All five panels can be zipped out of the awning or lowered at the top and used ‘veranda’ style. Furthermore, an optional annexe or conservatory can replace either of the side panels - or both.

The Motor Ace AIR Pro can accept a large range of accessories, including our optional Mesh Panel Set - where all three front panels can be fitted with mesh panels.

A steep front allows for class leading headroom and the side doors, which can be found on each side of the awning, feature a No-see-um mesh panel which helps keep out even the smallest of bugs whilst still allowing for added ventilation on hot days.

On top of all this, our 2018 models come 'Limpet™ Ready', ready to accept our Limpet™ Fix System - an ingenious method of attaching the side walls to the caravan. Simply attach the Limpet™ through the pre-cut holes in the rear of the awning and fasten to a smooth caravan surface. There are four holes on each side of the awning. Limpets™ come in a pack of eight and extra holes, to suit your caravan, can be made using the Limpet™ Hole Punch.

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A unique feature to the Kampa range, the AccessoryTrack™ adds an extra line of beading running on the inside, parallel with the awning beading that connects the awning to the caravan. This allows for accessories, such as an organiser and hanging rail, to be attached to the awning through the use of a specially designed connection by Kampa.

Key Features

    • Double coated Weathershield™ Pro fabric
    • TPU AirFrame with one-point inflation
    • Seams hot air taped
    • Windows - Crystal Clear for a great view out
    • Curtains on all windows
    • QuickPitch™ webbing straps - stronger and quicker than guylines
    • Zips: Kampa heavy duty no. 10 with weather protection
    • Mud flaps - internal with pegging eyelets
    • Seal to caravan - bumper pads with optional rear upright poles or Limpet™ Fix System
    • Zip-out side panels
    • Zip-out front panels
    • Roll-to-side front panels
    • Skylights in roof
    • Oversized carry bag
    • 4mm and 6mm Keder (beading) fitted
    • AccessoryTrack™ - ready to accept optional equipment
    • SabreLink™ Ready - easy fitment of SabreLink™ lighting
    • Mesh Panel Ready
    • Limpet™ Fix System Ready
    • Complete with rear upright pole set
    • Complete with our high volume Downdraught pump


    Depth - 300cm

    Available in sizes - 400

    Fits - Available in five heights

    S: fits 235 - 250 cm

    L: fits 250 - 265 cm

    XL: fits 265 - 280 cm

    XXL: fits 280 - 295 cm

    XXXL: fits 295 - 310 cm

    Double Coated Weathershield™ Pro fabric - Our iconic fabric that we use extensively throughout the range has proved itself time and time again. We’ve made improvements to the UV protection and the coatings to make sure that Weathershield™ Pro continues to be market leading.

    Kampa AirFrame - TPU AirFrame with one-point inflation

    Optional Extras

    • Pro Tall Annexe *NEW for 2018
    • Pro Conservatory Annexe *NEW for 2018
    • Pro Standard Annexe
    • Roof Lining
    • Pro Windbreak
    • Mesh Panel Set
    • Inner Tent
    • Limpet™ Fix System
    • Dual Fix Draught Skirt
    • Wheel Arch Covers
    • SabreLink™ LED Lighting System
    • Continental Cushioned Carpet
    • Elegance Carpet *NEW for 2018
    • AccessoryTrack™ Hanging Rail
    • AccessoryTrack™ Organisers
    • Hanging Rail (front to rear)
    • Organiser Draught Skirt
    • Gale 12V Electric Pump
    • Packing Pads
    • Storm Tie Down Kit